Images In Excel

Images (pictures / photo’s) can be automatically added to Excel with our add-in. The source of the image is a file in a disc location or a hyperlnk. Combinations are also possible.

Our add-in creates a link between the address and the place where the image should be displayed.

The add-in then automatically places the images for all subsequent lines.

That saves a lot of time and makes an overview far more attractive!


Insert images (pictures)

Based on the address on a harddisk or a hyperlink. Also combinations are possible. An address is for example c:\\images…\\1234.jpg or\picture123.jpg.

Length/ Widht Ratio

Keeps the correct length/width (aspect) ratio automatically

Other objects can be placed next to, below or in the photo. Such as item number, price or material.

Page Break

If there is no space for the last image at rhe end of the page, it will automatically be placed on the next page.

Filter / Sort Images

By default, an image in Excel has no connection with a cell or line. With the help of the add-in it is there. This will sort the images along with the rules. Useful when, for example, sorting by article group, material or color Filtering / Sorting Images

Succesfull in use at for example